Jessica Welcome to AT&T Chat How may we help you today? Me are you real Jessica Hi! My name is Jessica How can I help? Jessica Nice to meet you sure I'm a real person Me owo Jessica UwU buttsoclock fakehistory Alan Turing creates the famous “Turing Test” 1950 As someone who works for an online chat customer service department we get questions like this a lot Or more frequently we get people trolling us because they just assume we’re computers and want to see how the “AI” will react to certain questionscomments My favorite wasCustomer HelloMe Hi customer name! How can I help you?Customer I’m having trouble with my productMe I’m sorry to hear that I’d be happy to help Can you please describe the problem you’re having?Customer It’s you You are the problem I’m breaking up with youMe But…what about the kids?Customer oops i didn’t think you were real bye *ends chat* Meme

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