Jessica YOU MATCHED WITH JESSICA ON 72217 If you move tacos to Wednesday what do you do on Tuesday? Jul 22 2017 818 PM Trivia Tuesday of course Trivia huh typically Tuesday's are for tacos but I can get behind trivia questions I prefer to answer in the style of Jeopardy are you ready? let me try asking you a few What if you combined tacos with trivia that's a perfect Tuesday Readv Kevin What is the name of this animated science fiction comedy-drama film released in 2002 about a Hawaiin girl and her unusual pet? What is Lilo and Stich I like how you put drama because anyone who says they didn't get teary eyed when stich was leaving is a liar I can't see the cards through my tearsyou have answered correctly next question What does the Statue of Liberty holo in her right hand? What is a torch? Correct! You are 23 Jessica here comes the final question This sequence of digits assigned to a wireless electronic telephony device unique to the individual What is a telephone number? smooth Mine is glad you asked Sent How are your trivia skills? Meme

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