jimmy s 2 years ago +Bruce Wayne Batmanl am a 60 year old disabled man I was on my way to pick up my granddaughter's from school when some idiot in a road sweeper tried to road rage me I told him to feck off and went on my way he chased me for 6 miles so I thought I will have to stop and confront him I pulled ahead and stopped on a works carpark I got out and stood there with my walking stick he came bounding towards me and tried to headbutt me I slipped sideways spun him round and got him in a headlock I put the squeeze on him till he went blue he began screaming for help I choked all the fight out of him till he begged for mercy he ended up running to his truck and shouting how he would have destroyed me in a fistfight he was about 30 years old I got a cheer from all the other people around the moral is you never know who you are messing with its not worth it Show less 19 יף REPLY 60 year old disabled man beat up a road rager Meme

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