Jodie Goodacre @JodieVolunteers We desperately need to tackle the idea that someone has to hit 'rock bottom' in order to receive mental health support l cannot reiterate enough how vital early-intervention is You wouldn't wait for every bone in a persons body to break before you treated their broken arm 15082018 1204 dazedinaphase dicapito It doesn’t make a feel goodcomeback story I think it’s been conditioned that you must lose it all in order to make it in life This One of the many reasons I was ambivalent about getting help for a min was the fact that I was still functioning Aside the crying myself to sleep every night and hanging on to life by a thread due to extreme mental anguish I was still what people considered functioning relatively successfully and they and I consequently didn’t really see that as depressionanxiety At least how people typically viewed it before the knew better It was “just life” As a result of not getting help earlier my functionality decreased dramatically and now I have even bigger problems on my hand Meme

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