Joe's 3 years ago The reason the distilled water stayed clear is that distilled water does not conduct electricity That means distilled water has no minerals or impuritiesthat maybe good for the body or bad for the body So there was no reaction in the distilled water The TDS works to measure electrical conductivity of the water The more it conduct electricity due to impurities in the water the higher the number it reads on the device 13 REPLY Hide replies KangenAlec 3 years ago Sir Dude Thats because RO is dead water Its literally killing you Very acidic pH and very oxidizing positive charge to the cells and blood Switch to Kangen water with 85 pH and -300 mv ORP Save your ass while you still can REPLY silenc3x 3 years ago Stop the snake oil salesman techniques Kangen has NO sources to backup any of their claims regarding alkaline water or Kangen water in general Bunch of crooks 3 REPLY Water is water I drink it and I stay H Y D R A T E D Meme

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