John Boyega calls out 'Game Of Thrones' for lack of black characters The 'Star Wars' actor has criticised the lack of diversity in the hit HBO show NMECOM 325 102 Comments 14 Shares LikeCommentShare Top comments Write a comment Paul Seager Considering it's based around the war of the roses which happened in England during he 1400's I'm guessing that there wasn't many ethnic minorities knocking about then Don't cry about it not everything is a hate crime Like Reply 05 374-17 hrs Edited 20 Replies 47 mins Neil Thompson It is set in a land based on medieval europe A show should of not have characters of a different ethnic background just for the sake of it Like Reply 83-17 hrs my-name-is-fireheart punkartwastaken dacvntgod thatspacehorse spookydaze When people can accept dragons giants and fucking ice zombies in a show but black people is too far for their imagination to stretch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The show has DRAGONS for fucks sake it shouldnt be hard to throw in more POC Also medieval Europe was diverse by around 1400 as there had already been a few hundred years of the crusades so lots of contact between Christians and Muslims Plus Spain part of EUROPE I might add was extremely diverse in religion and ethnicity Check out @medievalpoc on tumblr and Twitter if you want examples Meme

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