JOHN PODESTA IS NOW SUSPECTED IN THE MURDER OF HIS BASTARD SON LINKIN PARK'S CHESTER BENNINGTON It is safe to say that Podesta is also the chief suspect of being the 'family friend' who molested and raped Chester as a child Linkin Park coincidentally had a 'broken Pedophile symbol' for their bands logo Obviously this was no fkn coincidence Bennington was beginning to become vocal about the horror he endured during his childhood the logical and plausible conclusion is that Podesta had him silenced The murder of Bennington brings new focus upon the blatantly staged suicide of singer Chris Cornell who was also becoming a voice speaking out about organized Pedophile Syndicates in the entertainment business government and society at large Cornell and Bennington were close friends Bennington even being the Godfather to one of Cornell's daughters These murders and you have to be a damn fool to not understand these men were both fkn murdered will not go unanswered It is time for the arrest of the murdering psychopath predator pedophile John Podesta RIP Chester RIP Chris John Miranda It is rumored that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was John Podesta's bastard child Chester Bennington struggled his whole life with mental health issues as a result of being molested as a child Chester Pennington's parents divorced when Chester was 9 years old after his father found out his mother was messing around Chester Bennington's mother Elaine had an affair with John Podesta Chester Bennington received a grant from the Clinton Foundation as a result of John Podesta's influence John Podesta personally knew he was Chester's biological father something that was not revealed to Chester until much later in years possibly just recently It could be that after Chester Bennington found out who his real father was he was stricken with sorrow and anger He possibly then looked into John Podesta to find out that Podesta was involved with child sex pedophile Rings linked with Hillary Clinton Foundation and was responsible of human trafficking and prostitution of minors in Haiti and other places of the world Chester Bennington admitted a while back that he had been molested by a friend of the family when he was a child Perhaps when Chester found out that his molester was indeed his real father John Podesta had to silence his newly acknowledged bastard child Sandra Snell Treece #PedoGate #PodestaEmails #Wikileaks #LinkinPark #ChesterBennington #ChrisCornell Some additional information upon Bennington and Cornell httpwwwneonnettlecomnews2437-chester-bennington-was-about-to-expose-the-truth-behind-chris-cornell-s-death Link to info being shared on VOAT httpsvoatcovpizzagate2009834 Short video focused upon the facial similarities between Bennington & Podesta httpsmyoutubecomwatch?feature=youtube&v=5NhYAT_Y_JQ Bennington death now being reported as murder httpyournewswirecomchester-bennington-murdered Bennington & Cornell performing together httpsyoutubeF_v1SLIt01Q In light of what we now know this song the lyrics the video Take on a whole new meaning Impossible to think that this wasn't a direct message from Chester to his father John Podesta httpsyoutube8sgycukafqQ Via John Miranda Meme

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