Johnny Chiodini @johnneh My wife took a bath and the pets - who all hate being washed - came into the bathroom to make sure she was OK latinkilledtheromans latinkilledtheromans thefingerfuckingfemalefury imoverallofit carnival-phantasm *Concern* “WHY WHY U DO DIS TO URSELF” dude like what the fuck i liked this post last night on my phone so that I could add it to my queue this morning but i swear i have the most distinct memory of seeing this post and it showed the dog all concerned and the grey and white cat all concerned and then someone photoshopped the obama “then perish” eyes over the black cat and i went to add it to my queue today and there’s no obama eyes like … was that a dream? was it a different post? what is happening? If you work hard you too can make your dreams a reality! Hopefully it doesn’t turn out into this nightmare Meme

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