Joie DeVEVO @donniemnemonic I HAVE FOUND GOD IN THE UNI BUY AND SELL GROUP uli Spark NZ令 1209 PM L @ 100%チ Vic Deals 53 mins I've got a first date coming up with a cutie patootie babe and I don't know what to wear I think I'll dress meek and demure I don't want to make a statement FUCKING WRONG FUCK THEM UP KILL THENM Size 15 rose gold gladiator stilettos for sale DESTORY HIM Are you Gal Gadot? Are you an amazon? Why is that man worshipping your feet? YES TO ALL THE ABOVE Shoes are for straight people who play couples tennis and get divorced 0 write a comment GIF Oo 3 post couples tennis and get divorced Rose gold gladiator stilettos are for invading Nazi Germany solo and walking out alive BURN THE REICHSTAG Bought from Asia so their US size 15 is probably a real US size 13 Too delicate for my blunt Nordic hooves so I'm selling them and buying boots to go TRAMPING IN THE WILDERNESS INVADE FIORDLAND FIND THE MOOSE Paid $115 Looking for $80 Will sell for $50 if you include a short fantasy fiction min 500 words about woman who can turn into a dragon or a colour illustration of a woman turning into a dragon SURVIVE THE WINTER OWrite a comment Oo 3 ost These shoes are a bold choice for a first date what if he thinks I'm a slut BURN HIS FIELDS AND SALT THE LAND YOU ARE THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS YOU ARE THE WHORE OF BABYLON MESSAGE ME 0 Write a comment GFⓞ > Oo butts-bouncing-on-the-beltway somanyofthekids I just needed to make sure more people saw this I want those fucking shoes man Meme

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