Joli's Post gunman sne snu! ana IOCKea Ine aoor ana told the kids to hide in the art closet The gunman tried to open the door and yelled Open up!! When she didn't he moved on to the next classroom I cannot wait to hug her Cale was in the hall and heard sounds like popping balloons When they realized it was gunfire they ran into a classroom and locked the door Hearing shots and broken glass I wanted to share this because lI want everyone to hug their children extra tight And for the school staff police and SWAT helped stopped these monsters Thank you everyone for your love thoughts and prayers I'm still shaking But Cale and Ari are alright b Like Comment ringtime in the Rockiesk 4m Like Reply Write a comment O GIF 4 The comment after the OP describes what her children went through during the Colorado school shooting Meme

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