Jon Coopere @joncoopertweets Follow Trump is running television ads to ask people to call 800-350-6647 and press 1 to DEMAND that Pelosi and Schumer fund the wall Buried at the end the announcer says press 2 if you do NOT support funding the wall Friends you know what to do #NoWall 1207 PM-17 Jan 2019 114 Retweets 120 Likes 24 tl 114 120 kevindrakewriter nitramgniknilra bogleech systlin m-is-for-mungo calleo Oh my god the 50s TV announcer voice at that number… Also it will say press 1 to support the wall repeat that make the sound a cell phone makes when a call has been disconnected if you don’t respond and then say “Press 2 if you do not support the wall” Did it to fact check and it does in fact make the “end call” noise making you believe the call was done before you could press 2 to say you don’t support the wall I’ve done this four times today okay but does pressing 2 even actually do anything or did they probably just rig it to produce their pro-wall data anyway? In twenty years this post will be in a textbook to teach kids why neoliberalism was a useless joke Know that this isn’t Trump’s ad but House Freedom Fund a political action committee closely affiliated with the conservative Republican House Freedom Caucus If you call this number you could be handing over your phone number to be robo called by this committee for fund raising There is nothing impartial about this It is pointless to act on this number as the source is already biased for the wall and any dissenting call will just have their data collected probably I don’t have any real evidence of this but that’s my guess as to what is going on here Meme

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