Jonnie Hallman Gestern @destroytoday Still have no idea how people can work a full-time job cook dinner often exercise regularly enjoy weekends keep the apartment clean Seems basic but I can't consistently do it shine a light Vor 14 Stunden @rknLA Current full-time 40hrwk jobs aren't designed for single people to do this they're post-war relics & depend on the unpaid labor of a spouse for cooking cleaning shopping etc You're not deficient for not being able to do it yourself roach-works i went into my 40-50 hrweek manual labor job with the explicit agreement with my spouse that i would do the paid labor and they’d be my pit crew i get home too tired to cook by the end of the week almost too tired to eat all my younger coworkers are destroying their kidneys with caffeinated sports drinks and the men who participate in the care of their children come to work looking like miserable zombies my friend russel loves his kids and spends all weekend with them and comes into work on monday looking like he’s one sneeze away from the grave because he couldn’t get enough sleep you can’t have a good life when 40 hours a week are spent laboring there’s no room for cooking or cleaning or children you HAVE to trade necessary rest for those things it’s a huge sexist problem that we don’t expect men to cook clean or care for children because it’s also a huge sexist problem that traditional worklife ‘balance’ of a 40-hour work week completely prohibits people from fully engaging in life outside of labor letting women into the workforce was a great first step redefining how much work anyone should be working is the necessary next one Meme

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