jordan @jordan_stratton Government You owe us money It's called taxes Me How much do l owe? Gov't You have to figure that out Me I just pay what I want? Gov't Oh no we know exactly how much you owe But you have to guess that number too Me What if I get it wrong? Gov't You go to prison 817 AM 16 Apr 19 Twitter for iPhone potheidon we need to remember the role of lobbying in all this the government tries annually to make taxes IRS-managed but HRBlock and TurboTax and various other tax firms lobby heavily to make sure that NEVER passes because their companies thrive on our confusion remember that gross policies are more often than not influenced by financial gain! copyright law? disney lobbyists poor public transportation infrastructure? automotive and gas lobbyists! lack of clean energy? oil lobby! comb through government policies and see just HOW many companies are puppeteering them with gross amounts of money a LOT can change if we directly target lobbying policies Meme

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