jordan @JordanUhl Google execs used to say the company's motto was Don't be evil Now a dozen employees nave resigned in protest of its artificial intelligence drone program for the Pentagon S AIR FORCE Google employees reportedly quit over military drone Al project engadgetcom 51518 206 PM 3 DAUS LATER Gizmodo @Gizmodo Google removes don't be evil clause from its code of conduct Google 0LO Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct gizmodocom 51818 613 PM 74 Retweets 79 Likes moonlandingwasfaked ivan-fyodorovich I always thought that Google’s informal motto being “don’t be evil” was about as comforting as a coworker having a sign at his cubicle reminding him not to snap and murder everyone in the building As it turns out watching the coworker remove the sign is even more ominous Hello Skynet my old friend Meme

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