Jordan yule log r> @JordanUhl Follow ﹀ 'sorry feeding you would be a waste of resources i'm just not seeing results' jordan yule log r。 @JordanUhl Follow i would love to give you this really i would but the richest israelites actually need this more so they can stimulate economic growth! jordan yule logo ตlordimLJhl Follow no peter i won't help you that will only create dependency pick yourself up by your own sandal straps it's called personal responsibility jordan yule log @JordanUhl Follow ha nice try healthcare is about consumer choice get a job and enroll in a market-based plan calldres politicalsci Seeing biblical teachings being reversed into conservative teachings is one of the funniest things holy shit Like this makes it painfully clear that Jesus taught the exact opposite of all these things yet conservatives in the US wanna call themselves “men of god” Meme

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