JORDYN WOODS No longer Kylie Jenner's House Hidden Hills CA 1-800-BETRAYAL Imabadfriend@gmailco EDUCATION Sierra Canyon School2012-2015 KylieJenner University started but did not graduate 2015-2019 EXPERIENCE Kvlie Jenner's Biteh Kylie Cosmetes California _Birlh-February 19 2019 As Jcnner's Bitch I got very good at adjusting her LuMce phonc casc to get th perfect lighting for a selfie I took up oxygen and people never really understood why I was friends th Kvlic Lelt Forearm Swalch Kvlie Cosmetics California 2015-2019 Stormi's Babvsitter 2018-2019 I'm great with kids and can keep a I year old occupicd Thcre's a chance I might feed vour child makeup because I cannot differentiate bctween lipstick and food Fucking your significant other Any Company Any Zip Code - As Long as Can Remembei SKILLS Can't do excel Take great selfies Look hawt in jeans Would be a great receptionist eye candy for you and your clients Can do makeup decently well WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE? I canng tremendous attention to your company Hey any publicity is good publicity πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @chicksonwallstreet @themorningtoast Meme

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