JPG 143 KiB 395x372 Wanted to share something with you b >Be me 21 very poor and broke at Uni >Has a rich qt as gf >She loves me never asks for gifts just my company and me helping her in studies >Life is good >Valentines week comes and GF not even once mentions about it >Still love her and wants to impress her >l collect all my savings and finally have enough bucks to buy something Go to the mall >Everything is so expensive >Everything is out of reach >Luckily finds a nice perfume because she loves perfumes hoping she would like >Spends the rest of money on nice gift wrap >Left with no money even for the public transport >Doesn't matter cuz in love >Walks 3 miles to home The V-Day comes >We both chillin in my room >l show her the gift >She gets really excited >Opens it up in a hurry >Me scared if she will like it >She really loves it >Hellyeahjpeg >Starts jumping around with tears in her eyes Hugs me tight >Kisses me We both cry Alot! >That gift was only worth 25$ and it meant the world to her l would never let her go lads >l love her Peace 2 replies Anon loves GF Meme

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