ju @juuuila Follow Had a Columbus police officer come talk to our class and he asked the class if anyone could define assault and some kid raised his hand and said kicking a handcuffed man who's laying face down in the head OHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!! 115 PM-16 Nov 2017 5793 Retweets 22871 Likes @週00Q参1 ju @juuuila Followv Replying to @sandylackmann he goes well that could be resisting arrest the kid goes he's handcuffed face down on the ground Cop goes we're not gonna talk politics now LMAO EVERYBODY IS SHOOK 120 PM-16 Nov 2017 630 Retweets 2575 Likes Ret@ @園 theambassadorpostsThe youth is the truth “that could be resisting arrest” he’s literally already arrested!! He’s in handcuffs!! All you have left to do is read him his rights which you probably should have done already and take him to a station! The hardest part is done!! What the fuck!!! Meme

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