Julia @ghoulia Follow a guy on my facebook posted something slightly stupid & his mom went OFFFFFFFFF What it takes to be an attractive Man Woman -be ripped -have stable job -be ripped -have money -be clean dress well -smell good -be dad material -pay for dates -be confident -have nice hair -Dont be too fat Meninist on Tuesday welp I am so ANGRY AT YOU RIGHT NOW TAKE THIS DOWN This is going to be a conversation You think this is true? You are selfish enough and diluted enough to believe this garbage? 3 hours ago Unlike-山1 Reply By these standards SON I guess I'm unattractive and don't to a fucking thing for you! Oh you and I have a goddamn lunch date 3 hours ago Unlike 1 Reply I wouldn't worry about any other girls response here Mine should enlighten you And I've screen shot this for our further viewing pleasure and future learning tool 3 hours ago Unlike 1 Reply I'm so glad I screen shot this very every girl you ever try to bring home For your wedding daythisthis will be brought up FOREVER 3 hours ago Unlike 1 Reply Yup what mood 3 hours ago Like Reply look has set I'm sure your future pregnant wife will feelyour love when YPU MAKE HER UNATTRACTIVE through pregnancy You twit Open mouth allow shit to fal out Anyone who liked this better unlik it like real fast How do you like being single forever because your a DOUCHE CANOE? 3 hours ago Unlike 2 Reply Oh don't like me spamming your wall? Don't post horse shit calling me unattractive! Like f I'm not going to defend myself! 3 hours ago Unlike 1 Reply Simlle More Your proctologist called he found your head 2 hours ago Unlike 1 Reply Smile More Write a comment OS dr-gloom neshtasplace author-trash inquisitorhotpants thugilly micdotcom And mom of the year goes to … This is actually amazing because anytime I see a man being sexist or misogynistic I wonder where his mother is “your proctologist called he found your head” lmaooooooo She went off on him I’m dead She gave him life then saw fit to take it away this is how moms should respond to their sons being pricks not awkward socially-obligated laughter or silent smiles Fatality Meme

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