Jun 5 Girls! Here a some natural birth control options Smortweed contains nutin quercetin and galie acid which interfere with early pregnaney It olso promotes menstrual bleeding Popoyo is an effective brth oontral remedy You can eat aveu auo siec iedod Ale the seeds of popayo reduce the sperm countn males WILD YAM Wild yom should be taken when i s avaiable to prevent pregnancy it tokes one for birth control it should be tokes two times a day regulorly to stort functioning as a birth prevantion remedy NEEM other altenative remedy Injection of Indian Lioe ol in uterine horra can prevent o two months pregnoncy for o year in women The plus point is thot it doesn't couse any chonge in menstrual cycle or ovarion functions PENNROYAL ASAFOETIDA mentrual flow o obortion Often it is presonbed with other herbs to prevent pregnoncy Bol B ounces of distiled or spring water Asofoetida is a herb notive to Ion which can be purchosed os a supplement There are several studies thot condam thot chemioals in asafoetida ealled coumorins induce abortion elpe initiate sell doulusd and prevent conception BLACK COHOSH FIGS it stimuates the release of axytocin which couses uterine controctions and therefore prevents pregnoncy Bock cohosh has masimum effect when it is taken in combination t is one of the best conception control methods Eat 2-5 ded pieces of figs ofter having unsafe intercourse i prevents pregnoncy and treats many other imegulorties in the body with other herbs such os pennyroyal ANGELICA GINGER Angelica is olso inown as Dong Oual It terminates the pregnancy by stimlating menstruation It also promotes uterine controctions It con be used os decoction or Ginger peomptes menstrual flow Drink 2 oups of strong ginger teo every day to defer pregnancy capsules 27K 61K 16K I wonder if she'll stand by this in 9 months Meme

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