Jun 7 at 405 AM So I stop at turkey hill to get gas and and some guy in front of me pays for 4 bucks of gas in change Everyone in line is pissed because it wasn't quarters it was dimes and nickels The dude apologized and kept apologizing happen to be right after him He ran out of the store embarrassed The cashier made som comment like he can't believe he just did that blah blah I cut the cashier off saying I've been there and at least he's trying So do me a favor instead of bad mouthing him let me get 20 on 6 for my car and put ten on his pum he cashier was stunned The guy behind me did the same thing and between us we filled up his tank and he still had money left over on the pump Moral of the story everyone has struggles Don't be a dick to those just trying to get by Everyone has struggles Meme

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