JUNE 2019 YOULUCKYDOGRESCUEORG SWAGGER! FOR THE DOG THAT WAGS INCOGNITO Teddy is avoiding Lolly WILHELMINA SHOWS OFFTHE EXPENSIVE HEADBAND TEDDY TEDDY'S NEW LOVE IS HIS EX'S GAVE HER BFF& ROOMMATE AFTER THIS HEARTTHROB'S BREAK UP WITH LOLLY TEDDY WASTED NO TIME SLOBBERING WITH WILHELMINA LOLLY REFUSES TO BE CROPPED OUT Ooooohhhhh the DRAMA - Ya'll these rescue dogs have some tongue wagging drama that is #TabloidWorthy TEDDY has had an ongoing infatuation with his foster sister Lolly but we got the scoop that there has been a redirect in his attention to new Foster Sister WILHELMINA Lolly is none to happy and she leaked the story as a lover scorned THESE DOGS! And you think we humans have stories to tell! TEDDY and WILHELMINA are available for adoption and no they don't have to stay together - Lolly would love for them to be in different homes You can read more about them at their PetFinder links below TEDDY httpswwwpetfindercomdogteddy-bear-38646027gaalpharettayou-lucky-dog-rescue-ga745 WILHELMINA httpswwwpetfindercomdogwilhelmina-45000487gaalpharettayou-lucky-dog-rescue-ga745 If you would like to meet either of these #TabloidStars at an adoption event email us at info@youluckydogrescueorg For a private meet & greet please submit an online adoption application at youluckydogrescueorg While there read about our Adoption Process and Guidelines Adoptive homes must be located in the Greater Metro ATL GA area #TabloidDogs #AdoptTheSensationalLife Meme

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