June 28 at 411pm-Williamsburg VA Just had a terrible experience entering the park and I've been going the last 15 years at a minimum I'm a furry Many people don't know what that is but it really is basically a religion to those who live the lifestyle My boyfriend and I were both told we couldn't wear our ears tail and my collar I personally can understand the collar seeing as mine has a few spikes so l can concede there but taking our tails and ears is equivalent to taking a Catholic's rosary I'm very disappointed and honestly considered just making the 45+ minute drive back home but I'm here with my parents today And if anyone wants to write this off as some kid making a complaint and rebelling as they do I'll inform you that I'm 30 years old and my parents past 50 THIS IS A TOTAL OUTRAGE ANDI FEEL PERSONALLY VIOLATED!!! OTHER FURRIES BEWARE THAT BUSCH GARDENS DOES NOT SUPPORT OUR WAY OF LIFEl!! I've never been told at any other location that I had to remove them and I'm appalled!! If I had of spent money on a daily pass rather than being a season pass holder I would demand a refund This is now officially the worst trip I've ever had to this park! g 2 Like Comment Share 46 3 Furry is her religion Meme

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