Just give them 10 years and they'll be part of the #Metoo movement saying Where have all the good men went? vor 2 Monaten 24 20 years from now most of these women will be living a single depressing lifeCrying over they couldn't find a one single nice guy vor 2 Monaten 105 These girls have some serious insecurities so bad guys for validation vor 2 Monaten 443 i they seek But they cry in social media every time a bad boy breaks up and cheats on them Imao vor 2 Monaten 171 Sophia likes bad boys Sophia is single and pregnant now Be smart Dont be like sophia vor 2 Monaten 954 Girls who like bad boys are girls who still don't love themselves vor 2 Monaten 47 When they turn 30 they will definitely hunt nice guys vor 1 Tag 4 i guess these are the same kind of thots to complain after why cant i find a nice guy? vor 2 Monaten 22 I thought women liked guys who will treat them good Looks like I'll be single forever then vor 1 Tag 2 all them thots saying bad boys are the same ones that'll be 45 no family at walmart fighting over a bottle of wine vor 2 Monaten 451 Nice guys finish last But all the bad boys died of aids before the finish line vor 1 Monat bearbeitet 87 Some comments under a Video where girls were asked if they prefer nice guys or bad guys Meme

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