just now ScorchedAnt 1 point Gloria Borger was in an Intimate affair with Felix shellberg but her younger more attractive not open to debate sister Poppy Gloria came into the picture she new she had no chance against her so in a desperate attempt to keep her job she murders Poppy Gloria in cold blood pretending to be her she had her job and nobody suspected a thing until a Mr Mary Ham stepped into the office one afternoon already he had befriended most of the Pew News crew Gloria did not like this one bit but she pushed her dark thoughts deep into her mind night after night Gloria had dreams of blood dreams of death dreams of Mary Ham this was mental torture to the psychopathic news anchor and on one gloomy night she walked to Mary's house knife in hand taking the position of Mary Ham was easy but faking the death of Poppy caught on when someone from the inside gave word to the nine year old about Mary Ham and how he should not be trusted Gloria stated hearing voices when no one was around she tried to shut them out but to no avail she ran to the bathroom smashing everything she could find and when only the fractured mirror remained she didn't see Poppy she didn't see Mary she didn't even se Gloria standing their staring soullessly into the mirror was Felix challenge suspicion was a Reply Share Save Edit The Truth Meme

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