Justin Kaufman @JUSTINMKAUFMAN I remember when I first started coding looking at stack traces like this thinking I'll never understand what this means Ten years later I still have no idea what it means But look at me now! Justin Kaufman's iPhone 11 Pro Max Running NumberTwo on Justin Kaul man's iPhone 11 Pro Max Unity-Phone NumberTwo UnityGfuDeviceworker 35 3CreateRenderPipeline NumberTwoCreateRende rPipeline 8x101c552e4 <+ Background JobWorker O 17 Bsckground JobWorker 1 18 Background JobWorker 2 19 Background JobWorker 3 20 Background JobWorker 4 21 Background JobWorker 5 22 Background JobWorker 6 2 3 Background JobWorker 7 24 Background JobWorker 8 25 Background JobWorker 9 26 Background JobWorker 10 27 Beckground JebWerker 11 28 Background JobWorker 12 t29 x28 x27 Esp 8-x601 x26 x25 sp #ex10 x24 x23 sp ex28 22 x21 sp x303 x28 x19 tsp aex48 x29 x3e tsp a0x50 x29 sp #@x5e sp sp #0x368 x25 xe stp ex101c552e8 <4 8x101c552e0 48 stp ex101c552fe +12> stp 8x181c55214 <+16 êx1eic552f8 +2> 8x101c552fc +24? 8x181c55380 <+28> i8x5e 8x360 add sub ex101c55384<+32> ex101c55388 <+36 x8 6023 x8 x8 sex2e0 11 adrp ldr ex101c55310 <+44 13 ldr x8 x8 x8 x29 -8x581 x101c55318<+52 ex101e5531e <+563 x8 x251 x8 ex181e553e4 x8 x25 aex8 x8 x101c553e w8 tx25 0x2a x8 sp #ex8 ax101e3fcfe 15 +2563 at puProgramsMetalm ebz Background JobWorker 13 30 Background JobWorker 14 C31 ex101c55320 +68> ldr +256 at puProgramsMetalmm 8x101c55324 <+6 cbz Background JobWorker 15 32 ldrh 10 8x181c55328 +68> 8x101c5532c +72 ex101c55330 +76 BatchDeleteObjects 33 Loading AsyneRead 34 UnityOfxDeviceWorker 35 20 str GetMe tal0fxDeviceCoret at GfxDeviceMetalmm4101 13 b1 21 w8 x25 ex28 x9 xe #ex4818 x8 tx9 x8 1sl #3 ldrt 22 ex101c55338 <+84 êxieic5533c +88> ex101c55340 t92> ex101c55344 96 0 lidb unnamed symbol267755 1dr 24 1db unnamed symbol2729ss ldur x9 x8 #exe x18 sp #8x9 x9 x1e exff qe x8 2 ldb unnamed symbol205133 -0x9f 26 13CreateRenderPipeline stur ex101c5534c <+184 ldr 4GetidkMTLRenderPipelineStat x101c55350 <+188> qe tsp x198 NumberTwo 29 str 15eCachedPipeline CommonDrawsetup 7DrawBufferRangesPilatform UnityGfDevice Worker 35 3CreateRenderPipeline 0 Metali Error areating papeline state SpritesDetauit Compiler encounterea an anterna1 error null2019-11-16 201956831429-0808 NunberTwo 291352134922 Coon BSMachError part see3 oskern invalid 2019-11-16 20 1956834555-0880 NumberTwo29135 2134922 Unbalanced calls too beginend appearance transitions for <SplashScreenControler ex11faa5c20 UnloadTime 1 472042 ms 8 non-virtual thunk to GhDeviceM capability Cexi4 Unable to insert COPY SEND 9DrawBuffersStereo 10 DrawBuffers 11RunCommand 2819-11-16 282007208653-8800 NumberTwol29135 2135846 Compiler failed to build request ing pipeline state BrushDiffuseDo ubleSided RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex 12 GDericeWorkerAutoreleaseP Metal Error shaders return type is not void null Metal Error ereating pipeline state BrushDiffuseDeublesided RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex shader's return type is not void null Met al Failed to get shader entry point 2819-11-16 202007211619-e809 NumberTwo29135 2135946 Compiler failed to build request Metal Error areating pipeline state BrushSpecialigglyoraphiteDoublesided output of type half4 is not compatible with a HTLPixelFormatInvalid color attachement nul1 Metal Failed to get shader entry point ze19-11-16 28 2017247672-ee09 NumberTwo29135 2135046 Compiler failed to build request Metal Error 13 RunExt0 14RunD 15Run@fxDeviceWorker 16 RunThreadWrapper e 17 pthresd stsrt comappleCoreMotionMotionThread Loading PreloadManager 37 CleudJobWorker O 40 Thread 42 comappleNSURLConnectionloader Thread 44 pismatchino n p er e BrushSpecialHypereolorDoublesided Fragment inputs userTEXCOORD output typets or not written by vertex shader null 2019-11-16 282017-252482-08ee NumberTwo 29135 213se46 Compiler failed to build request Metali Errer creating pipeline state BrushStandardsinglesided Frageent inputis userTEXCOORDO mismatching vertex shader output typels or not Written by vertex shader null 11db Auto O Filter Fiter All Output 956 AM 17 Nov 19 Twitter for Mac Understanding stack traces is an art Meme

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