justinomora1 A day before Karla Estrada went public I notified our Board of Directors about Ivan Ceja's transgressions and demanded his resignation I did my due diligence to listen and talk to all the affected individuals Karla Denea Yadira etc and gather as much evidence as possible It's been a long and challenging process Since Tuesday I have been putting enormous internal pressure on Ivan Ceja @ivncja Executive Director and Francisco Barragan our Board Chairman to cooperate with me and Rebecca Medina our other board member and take this seriously! Due to the complexity of the issue I have been advised not to post on the UndocuMedia platform as this can be used agaisnt me I hope y'all understand Upon learning about Ivan's transgressions against Karla I confronted Ivan and have exhausted all internal procedures to hold him accountable I support and stand with Karla Denea Yadira and any other person that might come out I support their public calls for accountability and change This is necessary Repost @JustinoMora1 co-founder of UndocuMedia This is what transparency and accountability look like This is a difficult and challenging process however it is needed in order to bring about justice allow us to grow as individuals and as a community hold people accountable and create a stronger movement Please read the testimonies in this order šŸ‘‰šŸ½ Karla @karla_estrada_222 bitly-KarlaStatement šŸ‘‰šŸ½ Denea @creole_goddess94 bitly-DeneaStatement šŸ‘‰šŸ½ Yadira @ywm_88 bitly-YadiraStatement @UndocuMedia is bigger than me and Ivan Ceja UndocuMedia is a philosophy and a large community of loving caring and passionate individuals UndocuMedia is about YOU ALL! Thanks to our tens of thousands of dedicated followers we have stopped people's deportations assisted in natural disasters advocated for immigration issues etc Rebecca Medina our other Board Member and I ask for your patience and support We won't stay silent and stand with Karla Denea Yadira and others Please let others know Meme

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