Juwayria Elhassan @Jia_Elhassan 21h Influencers who are broadcasting news please come together anywhere and agree unanimously on a short clear hashtag in Arabic & English and spread it That's how international media can find you Juwayria Elhassan @Jia_Elhassan 21h Add those samw hashtags to your profiles - increases visibility when you're active arger audience same works for IG Think of it as SEO for social media 91 t 33 13 Juwayria Elhassan @Jia_Elhassan 21h Oh and hashtags are not as effective on Facebooke Someone please help me translate this to clear precise Arabic and spread it Much love & powerE My Sudanese wife is a social media executive When she heard about the violence and protests in Sudan that wasnt being covered by any news agencies she tweeted to the Sudanese about how they can better utilize social media to get the attention of the UN and the media So proud of her Meme

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