k why on earth did you run to money as a subject matter from this post? Actually don't answer that it's a rhetorical question you should probably Google that if you don't know the definition of rhetorical My assumption is that you don't $$$$ is apparently something that's incredibly important to you less important to those that already have it My assumption also is that you don't That's not necessarily a bad thing But my guess is that you feel it makes the world around you It doesn't I feel sorry for you and your children Specifically your wife Don't respond I never ever ever ever look at responses but I have a funny feeling that you're going to It's hard to resist I know It's just- I have no interest in reading your response and I simply will not But I bet you will respond wont u? LOL Another rhetorical question Probably did not google that yet Google by the way is a search engine you should Check it out when you're less worried about getting that pay check signed from your boss every other Friday Like Reply Mark as spam 13h Meme

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