k-yers redsatinsheets diaryofanangryasianguy 072817 JESSICA CHOU Has A YouTube Channel Teaching Women About Basic Vehicle Maintenance This is quite an interesting YouTube channel concept and it shows that … Asian chicks kick ass! JESSICA CHOU is a young Asian American woman who has a YouTube channel which basically teaches other girls and women about how to fix their car “I think we don’t see as many female mechanics because the industry is still so heavily dominated by men When we think of a mechanic we think of men When we see ads or posters of mechanics we see men When we see shows about cars we see men It will take a long time to change all of this but in the 10 short months that I’ve been on this journey I’ve met so many incredible people who are out to change the game” male mechanics are known to overprice and add on unnecessary services to female patrons because they assume they dont know shit about cars go jessica!!! As a female mechanic this makes me so happy! I was the only female in my entire shop so please more ladies get into mechanics Yay Jessica!! D Meme

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