kaity--did There was a little girl in church about 5 and her parents obviously let her get dressed herself that day because she came waddling in with the puffiest coat on in the summer in North Carolina She comes and sits in the pew in front of us 15 minutes into mass she turns around and hands my husand an orange Her parents are mortified Savannah not again! They scold! Again kills me They appologize and she turns back around A few moments later she goes to hand me an orange but her parents grab it from her before she can Savannah is determined She reaches her tiny fists into her puffy coat and pulls out two more ornages She begins to distribute them Her parents are now beat red and in shock There is no Savannah now stopping small This small child proceeds to laugh a laugh I can only call maniacal in a Catholic church unzip the inner line of her coat and releases what had to have been 20-30 of those little kid oranges into the pews WE EAT Savannah yells cackeling The priest can longer contain his glee no The entire church is dying with laughter She felt like Jesus on the moutian with the baskets of fish that day I'm sure Mhm sure Meme

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