Karen Kelly Sanders stop crying and do something about your life! Like Reply 75 November 30 at 439pm View previous replies Reece Doyle Typical baby boomer sentiment My parents bought a house for $35000 with two low-middle income jobs They were 21 years oid Today that house is worth $650000 thanks to 40 years of exponential inflation If a 21 year oid today was to buy the same house with the price adjusted back down to 1970's inflation it would only cost $120000 in today's money If my parents had to pay $120000 for this house in the 70swell that would quite simply be ludicrous There isn't a bank in the land that wouldnt have laughed them out of the office To expect Gen-Y's to do the same as boomers did is not only ridiculous it's just plain ignorant Our hard work and our money simply doesn't go as far as yours did Our money is worth a lot less than what yours was worth not an opinion it's a factbut please keep telling us how lazy we are how stupid we are for racking up $100k student loans for jobs we cantget and how hard you had it Unilike Reply 406 December 1 at 150am Edited mekaneko jcuethetroubadour The burn from this is so real I almost feel bad for her…ALMOST!…SUFFER! It’s sad cause it’s true is so difficult to get money these days and is gonna get worst Meme

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