Karey Jackson @Karey 1975 Can anyone confirm this? STARBUCKS IS NOW OFFERING THESE FREE ISLAMIC DONUTS TO YOUR KIDS THE TEXT CALLS FOR SHAKIRA LAW IN AMERICA fierce-katzchen unclefather ketchupcapacity matt-ruins-feminisms-shit hooligan-nova nflstreet Shakira Law Do we start with 1 The fact that this is clearly supposed to be the One Ring from Lord of the Rings 2 “Shakira Law” 3 The implication that children either know arabic or will become muslims by eating a donut 4 “Free Islamic Donut” 5 or that starbucks is giving kids weird donuts for free and expects there to be no questions about the intricate writing One donut to fool them all 6 Starbucks doesn’t sell donuts There is one and only one shakira law 1 Thou hips shalt not lie How do you fuck up this bad Meme

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