karrueche e h ago oke an rers pride themselves on p high attendance Chandrasekhar was expected to cancel t class because he had to commute the 160 miles along bacl country roads for just two students But he didn't because h enjoyed the subject and the classes He and the two student threw ideas around They were engrossed in their subject- motivated by the enjoyment of their ideas and fueled by the ascribe reality Their of reaching new perceptions It was the smallest class in the history of university education satisfaction of creating pep fulfillment e Biggsstacts and was mocked and ridiculed A few years later both of the students won the Nobel Prize in Physics Later still Chandrasekhar himself was awarded a Nobel ugh It was t most successful university class of all time Don't be distracted by the views of others focus on w nd inspires you The most exhilarating experiences generated in the mind triggered by information that chal- lenges our thinkingIf you're excited by a subject that no one else is all that should matter to you is that you're interested Revolutionary thinkers who create totally new ideas are driven by their interests not whether or not others are interested too engages a are Meme

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