Kat BlaqueX @kat_blaque I've been raped several times in my life and I cannot describe the genitalia of my rapists I wasn't thinking about that I was shocked that it was even happening to me That human beings can be that fucking cruel and careless What their dick looked like didn't cross my mind Jason Campbell @JasonSCampbell 18h Ben Shapiro dismisses allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh with Nobody has yet described Kavanaugh's genitalia TeE 033119 BEN PIRO SH 42M views Kat Blaque @kat_blaque Idon't wish rape on anyone but sometimes I wish these men because it's almost always men understood what goes through your head when you're being raped You often can't even comprehend what's happening to you and you almost immediately don't want to talk about it 846 PM Sep 16 2019 Twitter for iPhone Kat Blaque @kat_blaque And when it's happening you wonder if the consequences of fighting back are even worth it Maybe it's just better that you let it happen because if someone can do this to you what's stopping them from actually killing you? Where exactly is the line with them? 848 PM Sep 16 2019 Twitter for iPhone > Kat Blaque @kat_blaque literally cannot comprehend rape as It's like these men a violation They must always somehow make it about sex and whether or not the sex was enjoyable It's so depraved to me Almost like they personally do not know the difference I fear for their partners 849 PM Sep 16 2019 Twitter for iPhone whyyoustabbedme 0fucs uncommonbish describe rapist genitalia?? what the hell… maybe victims need to name rapist’s fav color? or name his first pet??? These creatures don’t have souls fucking perverts Meme

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