kat @eeveelutiOn I am not ok So they have a look at this hamster put him on the table and he's walking round eating & drinking etc All fine So you know my sister is a veterinary student She said a little girl brought her hamster in bc it hadn't moved for 3 days and was just sat at the side of the cage and wouldn't eat or drink or anything Which is really weird Then they notice there's something in his cheek pouch So they look inside and find a fridge magnet So she asked her if anything had happened that may have caused it Turns out the only thing the girl says yeah he escaped for a bit but we found him under the fridge wrong with this hamster is that it had a fridge magnet in his cheek pouch and was stuck to his metal cage Follow my other account @x__social_butterfly_x if you love animals!! 🐶🐱❤ Meme

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