Kathy Cooperman @Kathy_Cooperman MeSweetie what do you say when you do something wrong? 4yo I didn't do that! 106 1250 PM - Apr 4 2016 Mammoth Lakes CA 42 people are talking about this Ashley Austrew @ashleyaustrew 4 What did I earn for being good today? Me My love and affection 4 cries I don't want that! 201 657 PM - May 1 2016 96 people are talking about this huss @CallMeHuss This kid asked me for some skittles but I had just finished them so he stared at me like this the entire flight 122K 455 PM - Sep 3 2015 30000 Bon Imaaine uh tho A00LT UN Paige Kellerman @PaigeKellerman 5yo Just one more question before I go to bed Me What? 5yo What are the lines on your forehead for? Mе 5yo Now they look angry 203 155 PM - Mar 15 2016 > 101 people are talking about this DaddyJew @DaddyJew 5 daddy can I tell you a secret? Me sure thing buddy 5 *grabs my face and whispers* I just pooped and I didn't wash my hands 1933 829 PM - Jun 9 2015 > 1017 people are talking about this recommend These brutal kid tweets will have you laughing until you cry x Meme

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