katie whitlock @Whitlock katie My dad's been writing my mom a poem every Valentine's day for 20 years and this year he took a line from every single one since 1997 DEAL 211 20 Years 97 we walk outside into a new life l and feel the warm sun on our faces 98 give us a new star l dropped from the dark sky I a spark set loose from the fires of heaven 99 as our baby girl with the banged-up head and the tube in her chest opened her mouth to cry but couldn't l you had faith 00 you in your cap and gown I a professional healer of hearts & minds l body & soul 01 cry out for help and who does appear? l It's Daddy whom love too but not quite so dear I As you l Want my Mommy! 02 Grace l It's a name for a girl I t's also a thought that changed the world l Grace finds goodness I In everything 04 And if I ever don't see l what need to see l To help you l Ever again I Please try a little harder to show me 05 a home filled to the brim with love happily squealing little girls and the intoxicating smells of another gourmet dinner 06 His emotions swell and he can't even look the nurse practitioner in the eye He stares down at his feet No words come but a few tears do 07 the fact that you have volunteered for this double duty says a whole lot of wonderful things about you that beautiful shiny heart of yours just got a little bit shinier 08 let's celebrate l that God is so good l and a dozen years later l still love you so much that it hurts 10 new rules at our house l don't leave the butter uncovered l or a long tongue will lick it up '12 You make it easy to remember that every breath is a gift of audacious grace yours and mine together breathing the same air speaking the name ofGod in unison 13 Your Valentine from fate this year is a PET scan on February 14 l And in a bizarre ankle-twist to our story I wait for the results of my own scan I Happy Valentine's Day to us! 14 know you don't want to be cancer girl So don't be cancer girl Be incredible-faith-story-girl 15 You should talk to people dying of cancer so you figure out what to say to them in person before you try to write it in your book 16 It has been a wild ride and a shower of blessings I From a sliding-down-the-wall seizure to we are sooo ucky THIS IS TOO SWEET IM CRYING Meme

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