Kayla Aug 15 906 AM PDT Hello Jacob Thank you for reaching out to Lush Cosmetics! It is always wonderful to hear from customers - humans and vampires alike! I apologize if our use of garlic in the Cosmetic Warrior face mask gives you the wrong impression We use garlic for its deep cleansing nature to help break down dirt and oil on the skin leaving you feeling fresh I completely understand it's not the ingredient most vampires should be reaching for We've always been an inclusive company and believe we should celebrate our differences! Even though vampires are by nature dead that doesn't mean their skin needs to reflect that! Perhaps they'd love our Scared Truth face mask which is made with fresh papaya to help get r skin glowing and looking well alive!We even add in honey and soya yogurt to soften and hydrate the skin Just because you are immortal doesn't mean you should have skin that reflects your actual age! While we may not see eye to eye with your diet we can definitely help keep your skin from sucking get it? We know that vampires can sometimes get a bad reputation and that's stressful Why not relax with one of our Twilight bath bombs? It is made with vampire friendly lavender essential oil and filled with sparkles! Vampires like sparkles right? Kind regards Your friends at Lush another-walter okay so me and a friend were talking about lush and they saw that one of their facemasks contained garlic as the main ingredient and we started to wonder if lush had like something against vampires or something so i sent an email to lush askin if they r pro-vampire and they actually replied back lmao Meme

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