Keaton Patti < @KeatonPatti I forced a bot to watch over 1000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write an Olive Garden commercial of its own Here is the first page OLIVE GARDEN COMMERCIAL INT OLIVE GARDEN RESTAURANT A group of FRIENDS laughs at a dinner table A WAITREss comes to deliver what could be considered food WAITRESS Pasta nachos for you We see the pasta nachos They re warm and defeated FRIEND 1 The menu is here WAITRESS Lasagna wings with extra Italy We see the lasagna wings There's more Italy than necessary FRIEND 2 I shal1 eat Italian citizens WAITRESS Unlimited stick We see the unlimited stick It is infinite It is all FRIEND 3 Leave without me I'm home WAITRESS Gluten Classico From the kitchen We the Gluten Classico We believe the waitress that it is from the kitchen We have no reason not to believe Friend 4 says nothing FRIEND 1 What is wrong Friend 4? Friend 4 says nothing FRIEND 2 Friend 4 what is wrong Friend 4? Friend 4 smiles wide Her mouth is full of secret soup ANNOUNCER wet voice Olive Garden When You 're Here You 're Here ifunnyce Meme

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