Keaton Patti Follow eKeatonPatti I forced a bot to watch over 1000 hours of lawyer commercials and then asked it to write a lawyer commercial of its own Here is the first page LAWYER COMMERCIAL INT FIRM LAW ROOM A LAWYER stands next to a shelf with books The books are very wide They have eaten too many words LAWYER Have you been hurt in an accidental car? Has the government sold your lungs without asking nicely? Are you Mesothelioma? Answer me! The lawyer opens a briefcase It's full of lemons the justice fruit only lawyers may touch LAWYER CONT'D If so you can act entitled for money I'l help I graduated from lawn school and all my teachers were bitten by dogs Words scrol1 across bottom of the screen These are cases the lawyer takes UNFAIR STABBING ILLEGAL SHOES HUSIC TO0 CANADIAN SUE THE RAIN DIvORCE YOUR TOILET FAKE SONS LAWYER CONT'D I have been a lawyer for over 35 weekends and I'm currently dating the Bill of Rights for fun We see the Bill of Rights It's in love The lawyer will1 break its heart There's nothing we can do LAWYER CONT'D Let me use it to send your asbestos to court I will wear two suits and I promise to steal the judge's gavel for you The lawyer opens up the jacket of his first suit Millions of gavels pour out His promise has worth LAWYER CONT D My clients never go to jail town We see his past clients a tornado a tornado a tornado LAWYER CONT 'D Remember you don't pay any money unless you pay us money Call for a free use of phone The phone digits appear It's your social security number A bot watched over 1000 hours of lawyer commercials and then made this Meme

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