KEEP MUSLIMS OUT BAN BAN iSLAM iSLAM JAPAN HAS THE ANSWER Jopan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims 21 In Jopan permanent residency is not given to Muslims 3 There is a strong bon on the propogation of Islom in Japan 4 In the University of Jopan NO Arabic or any Islamic languoge is tought 5 One cannot import a Koran published in the Arobic 6 Muslims allowed in must follow the Jopanese Law of the Lond and must speak Japanese ond carry their religious rituals in their homes 7 Japan is the only country in the world that has o negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries 8 Muslims residing in Jopan are the employees of foreign companies Visos are not granted to Muslim doctors engineers or managers sent by foreigncompanies 10 The majority of companies state Muslims may not even opply for jobs 1The Jopanese government believes all Muslims are fundamentalist and will not change their Muslim laws 12 Muslims cannot even rent a house in Jopan 13 If anyone comes to know his neighbour is a Muslim then the whole neighbourhood stays alert 14 No one con stort an Islamic cell or Arobic Madrasa in Jopan There is no Sharia law in Jopan 16 If a Jopanese woman marries a Muslim she is considered on outcast forever 17 According to Mr Kumiko Yog Professor of Arablslamic Studies Tokyo is a very narrow minded religion ond one should stoy away from it The Japanese people are in charge of their own country No political leader or a prime minister from an Islamnic nation has visited Jopan not the Ayotollah of Iran the King of Saudi Arabia or evena Soudi Prince The resut is No bombs going off in crowded business centres NO THonour Killings NO killing of innocent children or anyone else This pile of shit I found on twitter Meme

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