keepcalm-andpartyyon A comma splice walks into a bar it has a drink and then leaves A question mark walks into a bar? Two quotation marks Walk into a bar A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar drinking to drink The bar was walked into by a passive voice Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar They sit They drink They eave superlockedhogwartianinthetardis THANKS FOR TEACHING ME THINGS THAT ENGLISH CLASS HAS FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE directordanic More please you-had-me-at-e flat-major An Oxford comma walks into a bar It orders a pint of beer some snacks and a shot A split infinitive used to often walk into a bar There is a bar w An emphatic copula did walk into a bar A present subjunctive walked into a bar hoping that he be able to hich a preposition-ended sentence walked into order a drink smileslikeparentheses A typo walks into a bra Raising the bar Meme

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