Kelly @KellBelleTN Best baby announcement ever eliza anna elizabeth anna elizabeth frogii internetopia fernhat inkblotpony deltasniper1000 biff-donderglutes dongstomper golden-eyedghost areyoufromanotherplanet andrewbelami thatgurlataylor autie-commie boozevulture hamiltonthemusicalfan666 ikazon andrewbelami Straight people out here shooting up their own fucking babies #We did it honey#the evil is defeated via @beasthenshin this is the most white heterosexual nonsense ive ever seen congrats! your smokebox was blue this means you will birth a Denim Child *Jild I don’t understand why you are all so offended by this They found out the genre of their baby by doing something they like to do WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ISSUE HERE? WHY IS EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE SO HYPERSENSITIVE ABOUT EVERYONE ELSES LIVES BACK TF OUT OF PEOPLES BUSINESS FOR FUCKS SAKE The genre of their baby Easy Listening Baby Smooth Jazz Baby post-progressive dreamfunk baby Honey do you see the dreamy blue hues rippling in the residue of the vaporized car? We’re having a vaporwave baby ハヤテグッドボーイI N F A N T tfw no vaporwave baby This post is a journey i had to read through this post that already started off stressfully and now you do too Meme

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