Kerrie Jul 7 2015 1839 Hi Patrick Hey what's going on? Jul 7 2015 1858 Finally a decent guy on tinder! I was beginning to lose hope stuck_out_tongue_clo sed eyes That's an interesting emoji I'm on my way to bin 152 was meeting a friend but think she's going to flake What a Wow that was a rude thing to say angry Huh Sorry thought you were a spam bot Congrats you're not! You think I'm spam? Not anymore The first couple messages were very similar to messages I've gotten from bots I was expecting your next message to include a link to your private video chat There's a lot on here Probably not so much for women I have to get off my phone can you add me httpl tindwebcomconnect kerriec37 What the fuck God damnit EduZaurus Essays Welp Meme

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