Kevin Stewart SNP@KevinStewartSNP 22h This disturbing meme has got to be one of the most horrid things I have ever seen How may phobic traits can one person have? Chamingly Cynical REarOyse @ScotForLiberty fuck I forgot the retarded eyes Here you go Use this meme wisely for it has great triggering power We should leave the EU Agreed Autistic Screeching SNP uo201 23 1 7 RETWEETS 14LIKES Alison McGinley @alighirl77 7h @KevinStewartSNP @dtaylor5633 As a mother of 4 kids with autismThis makes me so angryBastard! 42 Sarah Thomas @sarahthomas 96 @alighirl77 @KevinStewartSNP @dtaylor5633 WOW 4 autistic kids? Surely by the 3rd it was time to get the ol' fallopian tubes tied? 03012017 1718 Alison McGinley @alighirl77 28s @sarahthomas_96 @KevinStewartSNP @dtaylor5633 Wow! Such a nice response you fucking arsehole! Shantae Momona eshantao momona Bm alighirl77 @KevinStewartSNP @dtaylor5633 Try for a 5th? autistic screeching 2 13 James Dornan SNP glasgowcathcart Follow @shantae momona @alighirl77 @KevinStewartSNP @dtaylor5633 what the hell is wrong with you? Should be ashamed of yourself Alison just block ifunnyce Meme

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