khyati gupta Jin is the only one who died The others are having a hard time accepting that which is why we see J-Hope in the hospital because he overdosed V tried to drown himself Also in the prologue he calls Jin and tells him Hyung I need to see you because he hasn't accepted Jin's death When Rapmon and V spray paint Jin's outline its like a body at a crime scene Also Jungkook is the only one who had accepted Jin's death Jungkook and Suga fight because Suga is drunk while Jungkook is trying to make him understand Jin's death Also when the boys are running in the tunnel we can see that Jin is in the car which means that he's shining a light and guiding the boys At the end of that scene Jungkook looks at Jin and smiles telling him that he can move on and go to heaven now and the boys will be okay At the end when Jimin is in the bathtub we see him burning the polaroid because there's only 6 members in if not Jin Meme

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