kind good and very tired @christapeterso I hate earthquakes very much I am a good midwestern girl and TORNADOES are the proper way to receive the wrath of god 131 PM 16 Feb 19 Twitter for iPhone 289 Retweets 2368 Likes kind good and very tired @christ 6h v If this earth is going to strike us down the sky should be green there should be lighting and we should be holding each other in the basement Crüushed to death by a collapsing building on a SUNNY DAY absolutely not 6 t 23 macabremusings bi-sexual-lingual carazelaya caucasianscriptures A Good Old-Fashioned Midwestern Apocalypse I’m a Florida girl and this is how I feel about hurricanes Earthquakes sound ABSURD HARD PASS Are you kidding me? Just hanging around waiting for a maybe disaster? Fuck that I’ve got shit to do If a natural disaster is gonna hit give me an earthquake any day No warning things get wiggly and if it’s not just fun wiggly times probably you’re already been crushed to death by whatever building you’re in I’d rather be squished than huddling in fear for hours This all sounds terrifying No thank you Crippling blizzard for me over ANY of those Meme

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