Kindergarten Studies Weekly Jobs People Do APS People get paid to work Chefs cook food in restaurants Mechanics fix cars and trucks On Labor Day we honor America's workers Labor Day is the first Monday in September Firefighters help keep people safe Police help keep people safe They use the money to buy things they need and want The word labor means work espeople help you buy things Sal Some children in Brazil work to help their families The children crack Babassu nuts People in Brazil use oil from the nuts to make soap Look at the pictures of the workers Talk about the tools they use Talk about the clothes they wear use them as a guideline to determine which of your state s andards are addressed ou may view a detaliled comelution of your stae's sociai stadies standards with this publicaton at Page 3 Descibe the dfieent npes oi jots peapie do and the tools Page 2 membering and honatng epie vets and our nution's ethc henltage Meme

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