Kin'emon is Vegapunk Because we never saw them in the same coordinate of space And also there is way too many similarities 1 Their hands both have 5 finger Coincidence? Probably but remembeir Goda never makes coincedences 2 Their striped clothers He can just push his shirt to his left side and BAM! We get Kin'emon put it on BAM! We get Vegapunk 3He was first introduced in PUNK Hazard VegaPUNK and PUNK Hazard Both has PUNK in its name くに粘>< ワノ国の侍 きつねぴ 狐火の錦えもん 4 Kin'emon can cut fire which is immaterial thing and he can cut it Guess who can also docreate such weapons Thats right! KIN'EMON!!! 5 When we saw Kin'emon he was just a face And if you look at Vegapunk picture he also doesn't have a face 6 Both of them are really tall And also pretty sure they are both man since Vegapunk has no bewbs Conclusion Kin'emon is Vegapunk Do you know who Iam? Vega- Wait I meant Kin'emoin Forget what I said right now My name Is Meme

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